The Attic Bookstore

The Attic Bookstore
200 W. Hampden Ave.
Englewood, CO 80110

About The Attic Bookstore

Come and see what lies on the shelves of Colorado's premier used book repository. Make no mistake, this is no ordinary bookstore! Strange relics, forgotten treasures and mysterious tomes await you at every turn.

(303) 777-5352

Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday

The Attic Bookstore sells used books of all genres. There are mysteries for those who wish to investigate human nature. There are science fiction novels for those interested in things beyond human nature. And there are horror books for those interested in the worst of both. There are action and adventure stories for the brave, romance for the lovelorn and classics for the literary-minded. There are also books on historical, scientific and cultural subjects. Inquisitive children will also find many books to explore.

The Attic Bookstore can be found at 200 West Hampden Avenue in Englewood, Colorado, just one block west of Broadway and across the avenue from where gold was discovered in 1858. The store is about five miles south of downtown Denver as the crow flies. Store hours are 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

The spacious store contains more than 50,000 books. Most are priced at much less than half of the cover price. Coffee, drinks and snacks are available for those dying of thirst or hunger, and various gift items are also available. Events such as signings, book clubs and children's book readings will be listed on our Web site,, and in our newsletter. The store's entire inventory is listed for sale online, for those who would prefer not to leave the house.

Those with an excess of books may come to trade. Most books will warrant a 2-for-1 exchange. Details can be found in the store, and on our Web site.

No description of the store would be complete without mention of Edgar and Agatha, the most literate felines in the West. They will guide you through the bookcases and frequently make recommendations.

The Attic Bookstore resides at 200 West Hampden Avenue, in historic downtown Englewood, Colorado. That's just a few miles south of downtown Denver.

When you first enter the store, we have a sitting area so you can rest from your journey. One customer liked this area so much she has yet to leave.

Our great-grandfather clock is not the most accurate piece, but it is always a good time for a new book.

Agatha keeps a careful watch on all the comings and goings at the Attic.

The children can find their books in our conveniently located castle.

Our store contains artifacts that we have collected from all over the world.

Our mummy resides in the Romance section.

The Black Knight guards the store at all hours, peering out over Hampden Avenue.

Our special sales consultant beckons customers to check out the mystery and action novels.

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