Bookstore Owners!! We need your photos and information!

Hello and welcome to the Independent Bookstore Photo Gallery! Our goal for this space is to promote Independent Bookstores by showcasing the stores with photographs and a short description of the business.

This idea came about after reading the Bookstore Tourism blog, and realizing what a wonderful concept they have come up with. People love exploring bookstores and we believe that most would like to see photographs of the stores before planning their visit.

One thing we have always done when planning a vacation is to search the yellow pages, or something comparable, for bookstores around area we will be visiting. Taking that a step further would be to provide a description of the store, the type of stock they carry, and to also have interior and exterior photographs for viewing.

Our hope is that this little blog will grow into something much larger, that will be helpful for all bibliophiles, with a need to divide by region in the near future.

Thank you!

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